Love Belgium

I created this blog to open up your eyes for Belgium. To show all you can do here as a great
trip for lovers!

This is a  schoolproject. Making this site about Belgium might seem weird and a bit out of the blue but I will leave you a bit of insight to why. My boyfriend lives there.
I often travel to visit him and we enjoy to find nice thigns to do and visit as a couple!
Sometimes It’s not so easy to come up with things to do. Here I´m writing to help you and a bit myself!
I will give you tips of great places to visit, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cities and museums everything you might like to do with your loved one.
I want to motivate people so the next time you take your love for a romantic weekend or a vacation you will be tempted to go to Belgium.
Seeking adventure or museum lovers, Belgium has something for everyone!


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