This is a really famous nightclub in Belgium. Everyone knows what it is. I personally liked it alot.
The mix of the music was really nice that made you wanna dance!
If you dont like to crew your in a tight spot, like to many clubs this one often have a long waiting line. But sometimes if your just there the right moment you can skip the cew. They have nice and big dancing areas, a upper and a lower section.
You have many places to dance.
One big thing to why its so famous is becaouse they often have a famous guest dj.
This allways draws a really big crowd!
The drinks in the club is really expensive as it often is in clubs. So if your the type who need a couple of drink before you can dance there is bars around the club before you enter.
If you click here you can get a 360º tour in the club!
Like this:

Peanut’s republic

A stylish karaoke bar.

It is a bar standing right in between the two well-known B-Club and Acte 3. It is very “woodish” and nice ambience bar. There is a dancing scene but you sit very comfortable in a sofa who´s disposed a bit everywhere in the place. It is usually crowded in the evenings so you might need to stand but as there is a karaoke, you can go and sing a song and when the karaoke is off you can join the dancing scene and have your fun there. You can actually see a part of a mini golf, lighted with black light just next to the bar and that is very cool ! The drinks ain’t very expensive but when you enjoy being there you fastly spend a 20€ for drinks.
One bad thing…
The guard at the entrance.
He is kind of refusing people with often no reasons.
Watch out on him, just be nice and there won’t be any problem(especially if you´r a girl).

Click here to get to their website


A vintage looking cocktails bar.

It is a great bar although the place isn’t convincing by its look. Some like some dislike but when you go there.
For me I had to go there a couple of times before I appreciated it.
But the thing about this place it that you go there to enjoy their amazing cocktails(this made me love this bar) !
There is many to chose from and all of them are really nice and tasty.
They make my favourite drink! It´s called “Fridays” and It´s their own creation!
What is nice as well, is the access to the garden. You can go out, walking on a wood bridge and reach a nice wood terrace. It is very refreshing during the summer. Enjoying a good cocktail outside under the Belgian moonlight. Love it !
Ah, and annother thing that makes this bar very apeling is that it has a nice Happy our.
From 20.00-22.00 they have 2 drinks for 7,5 € !

Acte 3

This is also a famous nightclub in Belgium. It´s close from B-CLUB. This nightclub has a bigger dancefloor.
Its really super wide and thats very nice!
It´s needed, its a popular nightclub.
You can chose between the 2 nightclubs, (or choose who´s waiting lines the shortest like I do)

If you click here you can get a 360º tour in the club!

Like this:

Oscar’s Bar

A wide spaced english bar.

This is finally a place where people speaks english. It is unusual for this side of the country and this bar is a relief. Not only the servers speaks english but many other people as there is the sint-john school in town, a school for english students.
They mostly serve the common beers, wine, alcohols but they have some specialties !
As an iced tea that it’s mixed with a bit of honey, a mint leaf and a piece of orange.
Very tasty for those who likes iced tea (Not me, my boyfriend) ! It is easy to come there and sit with multiple people and have a good evening full of fun !
A small fact is that I have been having a small week job at that bar!
And I can tell you everyone there is very kind and nice. They are  all very professional.

Waterloo main page


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