Chez Lucien

Familial, nice and caring

It is a very small restaurant, very quiet. We went there for a short lovely evening. We asked very simple dishes as a peper sauced beefsteak and as it was true belgian blue beef meat, it was simply delicious. We also asked for a quite common dessert. A piece of pie, made by Lucien himself and a vanilla ice cream with caramel. the ice cream was made by a local farmer so it was very tasty and fresh. The overall was in the average price for such a small familial restaurant. Not cheap but in the middle anyhow. Very happy that we ate there.

Chi Chi´s

If you love mexican food you have come to the right place!

Chi chi´s is a very good and luxurious tex mex restourant och bar.
They have all sorts of mexican food and their famous and fabulous margaritas!
And i will tell you, the burritos is to kill for!
They also have desserts who im sure is delicious but we never made it to the dessert, you get so much food !
I garantea you, you wont walk out hungry!

Click here to get to their website

This is a great restaurant for couples. It´s romantic and the atmosphere is very cool.
On saturdays they have a guitarist who sings and plays in the evening, this creates an exclusive cosy feeling.
I would highly recommend their Grilled Quesadillas as a starter they are wonderful!
Their Enchiladas and Buritos, amazing! They are often served on a hot fry-pan under woodenplates witch you dont see often! I wouldnt recomand you too take hamburgers, their mexican food is way better ”

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