The Butte du Lion

Definitely the most visually stunning of all Waterloo Belgium attractions.
Butte du Lion just outside the welcome center.
You can take a memorable climb up the 100-meter high mound with 226 steps(yes, i counted).
The history behind the mound it is rather intressting. It was built by local women with a bucket filled with soil taken from the battlefield.
What a woman!
The monument is topped by a 28-ton concrete lion, hence the name ‘Butte du Lion’ or ‘Hill of the Lion’.
The lion hill, which is the main memorial monument of the Battle of Waterloo,
indicates the spot where Napoleon was wounded and defeated. The hill is the ideal place to have an overview over the entire surface of the battlefield.
Legend has it that the statue was cast from the bronze of the guns and weapons
the French left behind on the battlefield. It is only a legend, Or is it?
Individual ticket only costs 2.50 euro, so it´s well worth it!

Shop till you drop

Waterloo is a rich city. The mainroad as you drive by it you will arrive to the shopping streets.
These streests are filled with diffrent clothing shops.
You have 2 galleries, just shop away.
The shops are often a bit finer, so its more expensive. I could find some stuff but not that much.
The only 2 shops i recogniced there was H&M and ZARA, only those, all the others where unknown for me.

Mini Golf

An indoor mini golf course in a neon-lit setting, entirely basking in breathtaking sound coming from everywhere.
This is a really cool activity and its first in Eurpoe to have it.
You have a 18-course golf area. There is diffrent themes in all the rooms. You will play for around a hour. Its really funny and it just made me giggle during the hole time. I loved all the fluorescent colours!
Really funny and it´s something i would very much addvice you to try out!
Click here to get to their website

Bowling factory

Going out at a bowling is one common thing but this bowling factory is different.

During the day it is mostly normal visitors, that’s right, but during the night, it turns nearly into a pure club. The rows are lighted with black lights, the music is loud, the drinks flows and your simple bowling party can turn into a total party evening,
And the alcohol is cheap!
This place its a popular for kid’s birthdays during the day,
but even some older people goes there to have some party with their friends.
For me bowling can only be fun when it’s at least 8 people with you.
I don’t especially like it but when you are a bigger group its a bit of fun.
Click here to get to their website

Waterloo main page


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