This is Primark, It is a great store. You get nice clothes, shoes, accesories, underwear for both him and her for a good price. If you havent been to Primark before.
Get ready.
I personally love this store, I have found so much. I had the luxury of beeing 15 minutes by bus away from the gallery when i visited by boyfriend at the time when he lived there. I could go there everyday for a week.
This shop has It´s roots coming from Ireland. This is a really famous shop.
At all the Primark´s I´ve been to, they have been crowded.

This is heaven for a shopaholic,
or anyone who can enjoy a nice shopping.
Click here to get to their Website

2. Mini Golf

An indoor mini golf course in a neon-lit setting, entirely basking in breathtaking sound coming from everywhere. This is a really cool activity and its first in Eurpoe to have it. You have a 18-course golf area. There is diffrent themes in all the rooms. You will play for around a hour. Its really funny and it just made me giggle during the hole time. I loved all the fluorescent colours!
Really funny and it´s something i would very much addvice you to try out!
Click here to get to their website

Liège main page


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