The city of Liège is alive and bustling around the clock

Yet its wealthy historical past doesn’t rhyme with heavy traditions. Its historical heritage has undergone successful renovations such as hyper-contemporary construction Liège-Guillemins Train Station, designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava.
We have lived for a little time there. Liege has really nice pleace to visit and live in, for its more modern architecture. The main place (where often modern artsts have exhibition for free, the new train station, the new shop gallery. It is also nice to walk along the river.
The place where we have spend most of our time together is at the  gallery. This is a quite recently built  building and it contains way enough shops to satisfy any of your envies/needs. Its headquarter is le Primark.
Join the hubbub on Sundays along the Meuse and enjoy the LA BATTE. At night, meet up with the locals in a bar or  the typical cafeteria.
There are countless ways to explore the city: on foot, by bike, by boat or by tourist train. Take your pick!

Where to go out:

Where to eat:

What to do:


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