1. Le delirium

Le Delirium is an incredible bar only a few hundred meters  from the  Grand place de Bruxelles
Le Delirium is famous for its 2,004 sorts of beer. This is really impressive, you can get a beer coming from almost any place around the world. I was really impressed as I was looking trough what was looking like the bible of beers I found one beer that I didn’t tought existed in real life, the famous Duff beer. How many havent wondered how that beer that you see continuously being drinked in the Simpson?
I had it, and I loved it.
Having 2,004 sorts of beer made them enter in the Guinness world book of record 2004.
The atmosphere is wonderful, you sit by tables,(that’s made of beer barrels of course) crowded with happy people, offensive to some but if you love beer, that only adds to the feeling. The walls and the roof is completely filled with beer plates of all the brands of beer they have.
Le Delirium is hands down is one of the coolest and most interesting bar i´ve been to.
Click here to get to their website

2. Goupil le fol

This is a really wierd place but we really enjoyed to be there. It is a theme bar altough you can’t really describe the theme… Madness ? Even the bar tender was well in his role, creepy ! But it is a unique place. To describe it in one sentence, “it is a place that looks like the house of a mad guy”.But it is comfortable, it is like a real house, a bathroom, a Kitchen, a living room and you can decide to sit wherever you want and have your drink.

3. Le cerceuil

Le cerceuil, literally the coffin, sounds morbid but is far from be. It is a rock/metal bar theme that it’s very popular with the young people of brussels and many tourists that made this place a reference.

Brussels main page


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