Le wine bar du Sablon

This is a well rated bar. We went there to spend a romantic evening and what an experience !
At first the decor of the restaurant are very classy, then the server welcomes you and invite you to join a table.
He will advise you the best choice based on your personal preferences.
The food they served us was tasteful and we didn’t regret our choice. The best part is the price.
The price a bit less than the average costs of a restaurant.
But for the classy look and feeling of the restaurant its a really nice price.
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Les salades de gaspard

If you want a little lighter heal you can chose one of Brussels salad resturants.
This little restaurant at the corner of a street doesn’t look like a famous restaurant at first sight but… Don’t judge by it’s appearance. This is a great salad restaurant.
When we got inside we felt very welcomed by a friendly and cozy atmosphere. The servers were very regarding to our demands, passing by from time to time and asking if we were enjoying our meal, but not to intruding. Just enough to let us enjoy our lovely evening.
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Les Brigittines, au marches de la chapelle

Les brigitinnes, au marches de la chapelle is a Belgian food restaurant quite modern and confortable. We decided to enter it thanks to the reputation we heard from it and well, we didn’t got disapointed, everything was beyond our expectations. Altough it is a modern bar it is fitting for couple. The service is friendly, the chef is present in the room ready to answer any questions and advise without peing to pushy. It is not a cheap place but they apply the correct prices for what they serves… And it was delicious !

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