The cultural capital of Belgium.

Brussels has been a big meeting point of many different cultures but it still keeps its lovely charm.
This city is growing in interest as a romantic weekend-trip for couples.

 Inside brussel it is easier to travel with bycicles, undergrounds and busses.
It is possible to join easily any area when you know a bit the public transports. The city has one of the most beautiful marketplaces in Europa, The grand place of Brussels.
Not far from, it is possible to discover a famous symbol of this town, “Manneken Pis” literally “Little Man Pee”. Manneken Pis is a bronze sculpture shaped as a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin.
In 1618, Jerome Duquesnoy designed the little boy and since it is standing in Brussels centrum.
Walking in brussels streets can lead you to many surprises such as walking into a bar with more than 800 sorts of beer (After all you are in Belgium) or find a small market place filled with antiques, freshly baked bread, fish, meat and of course a little bit of sweets.
All streeets is filled with diffrent kind of shops (altough alot of turist shops in centrum as expected).
You allways get hungry when you enter Brussles streets, there is  a smell of eighter food or the sweet smell of Belgian Waffels.

Where to go out:

Where to eat:

What to do:


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