Catroons Cinema

Old style, nostalgic & fantastic.

5 of 5 starsThis is my top tip on what you must visit if you go to Antwerpen!

Amazing little cinema showing a variety of interesting films.
The cinema is located in the citycentre, close to the river. It’s in a beautiful area. The cinema is really small, but that only makes it intimate and very nostalgic.
It’s not really expensive, 7 euro/ one movie. The place is really romantic! The movies are often in many foreign languages but the thing with cartoons is that you dont really need to understand what they say to enjoy.

Airventure Ballooning

This is truly once in a life time experience.

Traveling over the Belgian Landskape is truly wonderful, you will see many of the beligan cities thanks to Belgiums small sice.
The flight lasted for about 1h25.
During the flight we got lots of information and stories about ballooning from our pilot Lenny.
After the flight we packed the balloon and had a drink. The team also arranges the trip back to the launch site, this only makes it better and so much worth the money.
It isn’t cheap (135 euros per person) but it was all worth it. If you haven’t flown in a hot air balloon before and you plan to visit Belgium, certainly contact Airventure Ballooning!

Antwerp main page


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