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The sea


We took a small day-tour to the sea.

We walked along the shore, finding a lot of shells.
It was really windy that day but we both enjoyed it a lot. After walking hand in hand and playing a bit by the sand along the shore we went into a café and had a well deserved cup of warm chocolate.
It was wonderful.

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The Caves of Han

The Caves of Han

Take your love with you into the caves & discover the amazing creations of mother Earth.

This is an interesting and fascinating visit. Only the travel to the caves is very nice. You buy your tickets and you jump on a open slow-moving train. You go a bit trough the city and then you head out in the woods.
In the area you can also visit the zoo. You pass the fields where they have the animals, so its like a small safari as well!
Its perfect sitting together and warming each other as you pass the woods, Its beautiful.
The train ride takes about 15 minutes.
You walk in the caves and get fresh air in your lungs. You follow the guide as he makes the tour.
You will about 5 kilometers and make stops as the guide will talk about all the wonders in the caves. The guidetour is in french or dutch, but it´s just to go and ask the guide for english and he will make a small private tour for you.
The stories he tells are amazing, from the cavemen that lived there to the river that runs in the cave where the local fish stays during the winter.
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